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At Chesapeake Monuments we pride ourselves on making the finest quality memorials at affordable prices. No two lives are the same, and we believe that the same should be true for memorials. At Chesapeake Monuments we strive to make every memorial as unique as the individual(s) it honors.

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Personalized granite memorials celebrate life in the same unique way that you lived it. . At Chesapeake Monuments we specialize in creating unique and creative memorial designs. We treat every memorial we make as an original work of art.  Memorial Rocks, Memorial Garden Rocks, Large Memorial Rocks, Keepsake Rocks, Garden Benches, Garden Accent Stones, Garden Stone Rocks, Inspirational Memorials, Remembrance Stones, Memorial Stones, Statuary Rocks, Cremation Stone Rocks, Cremation Urns, Flag Cases, Headstones, Grave Markers, Cemetery Products, Memorial Rocks, Ceramic Pictures, Statues, Keepsakes, Bronze Markers, Laser Etching, Slant Markers, Foot Stones.

Monument and Marker Cleaning

Over time, outdoor elements can leave a granite or marble memorial dirty and prone to moss and lichen growth. Contact us to have your memorial professionally cleaned..

Bronze Refinishing

With all metals, the process of oxidation will occur over time, causing the natural copper in bronze plaques and memorials to patina (turn to green). A clear coat product applied during production will slow this natural process. Should you desire to have your bronze memorial returned to its original brilliance, contact us to schedule professional refinishing.

Cemetery Foundations

A good concrete foundation is key in preventing tilting or leaning of monuments which can occur with the freezing and thawing conditions in this area of the country. Whenever cemetery regulations allow, we will complete the foundation for your memorial.

Cemetery Lettering

When a final date needs to be engraved on a memorial already installed in a cemetery, please contact us. The option of pre-paying for this service is available with any memorial when purchased through our company..

Memorial Installation

When cemetery regulations permit, we will provide the installation of your memorial or monument at the cemetery. In the event that a pre-installed memorial needs to be relocated, we also provide this service.

Laser Etching

Headstone laser etching pictures offers a way to capture a gray-scale image for all time.

Miscellaneous Sandblasting

We offer sandblasting services on non-memorial related items at an hourly rate charge. Please contact us for details.

Cemetery Property Brokerage

As a service to the community, we offer a brokerage service where one can list for sale any unwanted cemetery property. Those interested in cemetery property can contact us for assistance in locating property to meet their needs. This service includes cemetery property in most of the well known cemeteries in this area.

We can also assist you with cemetery property at Riverview Cemetery located in northwest Allen County..

Chesapeake Monuments creates a beautiful and efficient way of memorializing multiple loved ones. These memorials are centered over multiple graves, and symbolize a family presence in the area. Headstones can include lettering and emblems to match footstones or benches, and can be color matched as well. Before purchasing, Chesapeake Monuments will confirm whether your cemetery allows upright monuments, and if so, which styles, colors, sizes, and placements of monuments are acceptable. Below are just a few samples to give you an idea of the possibilities. For other styles and sizes, please feel free to contact us, and one of our representatives will help to design the perfect double or family cemetery memorial.

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