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About us

Chesapeake Monuments create a beautiful and efficient way of memorializing multiple loved ones. These memorials are centered over multiple graves, and symbolize a family presence in the area. Headstones can include lettering and emblems to match footstones or benches, and can be color matched as well. Before purchasing, Chesapeake Monuments will confirm whether your cemetery allows upright monuments, and if so, which styles, colors, sizes, and placements of monuments are acceptable. Below are just a few samples to give you an idea of the possibilities. For other styles and sizes, please feel free to contact us, and one of our representatives will help to design the perfect double or family cemetery memorial.

We serve the Baltimore community, cemeteries, business ventures and non-profit organizations providing headstones, grave markers and monuments of all kinds. We can provide for all memorialization needs of loved ones including custom engraved grave markers, beautiful monuments, one-of-a-kind headstones with photos, and customer designed memorials; and we can ship throughout the United States when required.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our grave markers and monuments, and attention to customer requested details.

Getting Ready to Purchase Your Memorial purchasing a memorial is not something that we do every day and most of us do not know where to begin the processes. The term “memorial” refers to the stone that is erected for your loved one and the cemetery controls what you are able to install…a marker, upright monument, bronze etc. Your choice is in color, design, wording of inscription.

The following information should prove helpful to you:
Contact the cemetery (Family Services Counselor if you have one) and ask them this question: “what is the minimum and maximum size memorial I can have on the grave”.
You should be aware of what is around the gravesite and if you see bronze, an additional question should be asked if they don’t offer the information: “is bronze
required and if so, must it be on a granite base?” Please ask for the information in writing to prevent an issue in the future.

So that there are no surprises for you, ask them as well the cost of marker installation or upright foundation whichever applies to your grave. These costs are generally referred to as cemetery fees.

Once you know what you can have on your grave site, you should begin a discussion with other family members involved to determine what you would like to have on the grave as a stone. You should also discuss what you would like to have as an inscription.

When you know the type of memorial you are able to put on the grave, marker or upright monument, come into the office and we will take you through the rest of the steps which will include selecting a stone color, the design, inscription, and will you want a photo or a flower vase. Please bring with you the document your Family Services Counselor gives you indicating what you are able to erect on the grave.

Chesapeake Monuments is known for the depth of their engraving as well as being able to work with a customer’s creative design. If you have a design in mind or one you have drawn, a poem you have written, please bring that with you when you come in to meet with us. We are always happy to do custom work.

While the cemetery or outside funeral home may offer to sell you a memorial, please keep in mind that you have the right to purchase the memorial from any monument maker you choose to work with.

Here at Chesapeake Monuments we strive to give the very highest in quality and service by providing to you our monuments which are creatively designed and artistically carved. We like to visit with our clients, listen to their sentiments about their loved ones, and like friends help them in their time of bereavement. We can work with your vision of an ideal memorial for your loved one and combine it with our artistic creativity and imagination, hone it with our experience to provide you with a monument that is most fitting and unique. We can personalize our designs so that the monument will serve as a living memory. We take great care in preparing our
monuments and institute the same care in installation.

Chesapeake Monuments Works is dedicated to preserving memories with professional care and quality craftsmanship. Your custom monument will always be there to memorialize your loved ones, and we are here to guide you along the way.

11417 Reisterstoown Road
Owings Mills MD 21117

Phone: 410-581- 3707

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